LO hair dropping

My daughter is 1.3yo and still dropping significant amount of hair every day. About 50-100 strands. Is it normal?

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I actually tried Indian almond oil for scalp and hair, and it made my hair so thick. I recommended it to my friend who's baby also had hair loss that was as bad. She said two weeks later her baby's hair starting growing. Now it's nice n long.

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Hi... does your daughter have thick hairs? It’s quite normal for children to lose hair but if you’re worried, please bring your child to see a specialist

I think that’s normal. Are you applying any oil? If not then start applying one to make hair thicker and stronger.

Did you try scalp treatment? It works for me. I think I only dropped less than 50 a day

3y ago

Scalp treatment for babies? 😂

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Hmmm, may be it's normal but do bring your daughter to a pd if you can.

Doesn't sound very normal, when in doubt pls consult pd

Sounds like quite a bit to me :/

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seek a pd advise