Hair loss during pregnancy

Hi can i check.. does anyone having hair loss even during pregnancy period? I’m in my second trimester and the amount of hair dropping even when i am showering or not showering, keeps falling off 😭 #advicepls

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Me! I experience sudden hair loss when I enter second trim. I just switch shampoo and now dropping lesser! Maybe you try switching out your shampoo first see if it helps. hope this article helps too:

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All along i am using small pukong, for hair loss etc. May i know which shampoo you are using now?

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Yeah...from pregnancy and until now breastfeeding 😆😢 i’ve tried many shampoo but still hair loss..I used Primaria Haircare (Bagno stimulante) and Wowoo Shampoo but still same..I haven’t try the ginger shampoo but some people said that it was good for hairfall

I have more hair during pregnancy like my armpits, vag and even my anus area

Yes, hair loss will occur. Cannot do much unfortunately :(

I have grow faster then usual during pregnancy