My daughter is 1 year 7 months. She is showing signs of weaning (playing, biting, minimal direct feeding time, no increase in weight) i supplement her with some cows milk. But then she seems fine. Im the one who is emotionally distraught. It saddens me when she is showing the weaning signs. ????

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ade mcm tu sis..Mcm ank sdre sye..Xsmpai dua thun dh xnk susu bdan..trus dh xmnum susu bdan..ade bby sdri xnk susu bdn dh..Ade yg nk lg smpai 2thun lbh...

4y ago

Sy yg sedih..anak nmpk relax je..sayu hati..haha..mcm mne ye nk move on?