6 weeks with lil red blood. Normal?

Currently week 6 and have yet to meet gynae but have met GP, waiting for ultrasound scan in 5 days. However, been getting brown spotting for the past 5 days. The 6th day, saw a small red blood clot with no cramps. When to check to check test kit, still +ve. In the late evening, after much laughter, another 1 liner of red blood was seen in my panty liner. Again, no cramps. Any idea if things are well?

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Don’t worry too much about it! I had two rounds of spotting in my first trimester too. The gynae said that it’s very normal. The key part though is if you are experiencing bad cramps or having larger amount of fresh blood coming out then you should be concerned.

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I would go to the a&e if it were me