I am 6 weeks pregnant now and yesterday i had some brown spotting on my panty liner but i ignored it because i thought it was normal. Today visited my gynae, he mention that my baby heartbeat is weak and it’s smaller in size than usual. Can’t even see much on ultrasound but asked me to observe for the next 2 weeks again. When i went back home the brown/red spotting was more visual on my panty liner and even when i wipe with toilet paper. I’m really anxious and worry now, anyone can tell me if it’s normal?

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Please call up to inform ur gynae to seek further advice. Continue to monitor it and if the condition persist, see ur gynae soon.

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Can you call up your gynae and visit again. Better to be safer, did he prescribe anything or advise you anything ?

5y ago

he prescribe me duphaston and asked me to go back for check up in 2 weeks and i also did mention about the spotting i had yesterday but he just say to observe....

It might be ur implantation bleeding.. stay positive

Visit your gynae again