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Currently im week 12 and i’m starting to take other vitamins given by KKH, but idk if i should continue with the folic acid given by the polyclinic that time. Should i eat the ones given by KKH together with the folic acid, or just the ones KKH provided? need some help! thank you!

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Check with your gynae ok, cause scared overdose. I still had so many of folic acids left when they prescribed me new vitamins that has folic acids. They told me to stop the first folic acid cause didn't want me to overdose

4mo ago

ohhh alright! thank you for the advice!! :)

if the vitamins given by kkh consist of folic acid already, then i think can stop folic acid in 2nd trimester. thats what my gynae at kkh advised when she prescribe me the prenatal vitamins for week12 onwards

4mo ago

ohh icic thank you! :)

if the vitamins from kkh contain folic acid. just take that one, no need to take the poly one. usually 13 weeks above will start on multivitamin already which contain folic acid.

4mo ago

ohh alright! thank you! :)

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From kkh too, we check w gynae and pharmacists, both say okay to transit from folic to oblimin, no need continue with folic as oblimin consist of enough folic acid.

4mo ago

ooooo okieeee! thank you! :)

I stopped folic acid once they gave me the vitamins because doctor say week 12 onwards need vitamins more than folic acid

4mo ago

oooo okaii! thank you! :)

thank you for doctor k.k women and children hospital doctor sms from my hp doctor talk with my wife

my doctor told me to just finish the remaining folic acid then you're done with it.

4mo ago

ahhh icic alright! thank you! :)

Can just take obimin and stop folic acid. As obimin has folic acid :)

4mo ago

ooo okieee! thank you :)

I have take both folic and multivitamins given by my KKH doctor.

4mo ago

ohh alright! thank you! :))