uptill when do i have to take folic acid ?

Hi mommies, up till when do I have to keep taking folic acid ? I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant. I was given obimin & DHA vitamins during my checkup last week. And wasnt given anymore folic acid, only left with a week worth of it. Should I be buying more ? Help ! First time mommy here 🥹

uptill when do i have to take folic acid ?
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Personally, I don't think it is needed actually. This is because Obimin - the multi-vitamins would have included the folic acid. Just ensure that you have a balance diet all the way till you are due will do. :) I had the same qn to the Gynae when I was expecting the first child. Expecting my 2nd child now, they also just stop issuing me folic acid from my 2nd trimester onwards.

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I’m seeing a private gynae for all my pregnancies and he always gave me the folic acid and sangobion.. I will take them throughout my pregnancy and still have extras even after I gave birth but will finish it still..

folic acid usually given on the 1st 12 weeks only. After that they will give other supplement like iron, calcium pill etc. some of it also contain folic acid. need not buy additional folic acid😊

the folic acid i took it only for 3months.then my gynae ask me to stop already.u dont need to take the folic acid until u giving birth mummy.U need to ask your gynae better🥰

til 4 months. then doctor. dont think need to consume more folic acid. but better to ask doctor advise. diff mom, different. hehe.

Folic Acid will be up till 12 weeks. Subsequently will be the Obimin and DHA till you give birth.

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thank you ! ❤️

You can stop folic acid already and start with the other vitamins they provided.

Obimin is the replacement of folic acid. you can start consuming dha and obimin

my gynae didn't gave me anymore folic acid when i started 2nd trimester

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Obimin has folic dear. No need to take extra