To eat folic acid or start taking vitamin?

Hi Mommas, my EDD is on 18th April 2023. Currently I'm on my week 11 day 5 based on this app. I didn't know I'm pregnant until week 8 , quite late because of irregular menses since young. I saw the doctor on Sep 8. So doc gave me 1 month of Folic Acid pills. And my appointment with KKH was on 13 Sep (Week 9 by then but not sure day what). I'm currently left with 6 pills left. When I finish the 6 pills, it will be week 12 Day 4 based on the app, which means week 12 day 5-7, I have no folic acid. Do I buy 3 more folic acid pills to complete or do I start taking vitamins for trimester 2?

To eat folic acid or start taking vitamin?
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I met my gynae when im on my week 12 of pregnancy and the doctor told me i can stop taking folic acid and take the prenatal vitamin instead.. Folic acid is included in that prenatal vitamin together with other vitamins needed for mommy to be and baby like iron and etc.. If you are concern, maybe you can purchase small portion that last till your mext appointment.

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you can just buy "folic acid" from any pharmacy like Guardian or Watsons, cost less than $10 and the number of pills last more than 2months. Don't need to buy from gynae as it is more expensive. I am kiasi so I take 2 pills a day cos i keep vomiting everything that i eat. but my gynae said 1 pill a day is enough. p.s. my edd also in April 2023!

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There is no hard and fast rule that folic acid pills should only be strictly for first trimester. It can be taken in second trimester too. Also, you can always donate the remaining pills if you are comfortable. No need to be so exact in calculating the pills you should purchase. Understand why you are taking the pills in the first place.

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finish your folic acid first, they should give you vitamins on your next checkup. but meanwhile, if you want to get a pack of your own folic acid from the retail pharmacies also no issues. my kkh pharmacist actually told me to finish up my folic acid first before starting on the prescribed vitamins even though i was 12 weeks in.

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I go Polyclinic and asked for vitamins/folic/calcium(calcium from 2nd trimester onwards)/fish oil when I ran out of it before my next gynae visit… coz it’s cheaper there than outside… plus since it’s given by docs, no need to worry brand is better. Ha

First trimester is until week 14. The folic acid sold at watons & guardians are in 50s so i dont think u can buy 3 folic acid only. As for the vitamins wise, you are on 11 weeks can start to eat the vitamins no harm.


hey mummy, you can stop folic acid and continue with obimin because obimin contains folic acid too.... you can ask gynecologist if confuse but I did ask my gyne n continued with obimin

I bought folic acid from guardian that time and because there was still many, I took it well into my 2nd trimester with my other supplements too. doesn't really matter one

If your vitamin pills include folic acid then I think no problem to take the vitamin pills already. If they don’t include, I would buy some more folic acid.

can get folic acid over the counter at guardian / Watson pharmacy kind while pending next check up, don't worry. 😉