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Can I know if any mummies get their booster shot at 14weeks? Is it safer to take booster during 2nd trimester? #1stimemom

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I did mine at 17-18 as I wanted to be well into the 2nd trim. Arm was hurting quite abit, otherwise was ok. Just standby Panadol (normal) if you feel abit unwell and want to prevent a fever.

i got mine at 14w. just last feb 3. i only had sore arms for 3days. consult your gynae as well especially if you had other effects during your primary dose

1st jab just before ovulation and got pregnant right after. 2nd jab 3 weeks after. 3rd jab at wk26. No side effect observed

I got my booster shot at 13 weeks! Only sore arm and feel very tired for like 2 days😊 & yes its safe

Took moderna booster during my 8th week. No fever only sore arms 😊

yes according to doctor is better to do it after 1st trimester 😄

it's safe dear. if in doubt, just ask your doctor for advice. ;)

If anything, consult your gynae

yes safer during 2nd trim