Cough with phlegm, anyone knows if the doctor at a and e can help to suck out? Any remedies for this? Seen a pd but doesn't help

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A&E usually don't do the auctions You can try the TCM method to help dislodge the phlegm. Cup ur palm and pat the whole back, front of the chest and side. It will help to loosen and dislodge the phlegm. Another way which is taught by my PD. Use sterimar nasal spray. Spray it and let it flow down your LO nasal passage. After a few times, it will also help to dissolve the phlegm.

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You have seen a PD, did PD did any nebulizing for your bubs? Nebulizing helps in dissolving my LO's bad cough with phlegm. After that one session of nebulizer, he recovered in 2-3days time.

You can purchase an aspirator and do it yourself. We did it with both our kids. Usually with a cough there is flu.