My tot has been coughing since Fri. We have seen the doc and were prescribed a cough syrup. But it doesn't seem to help. What can I do?

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Hi, I let my toddler drinks a teaspoon of honey, rub vicks on her chest and soles (with socks on) when she sleeps. I also will switch on my diffuser and put essential oil like peppermint to let her have a good night rest. It works for both my children and I dont rely on medicine as it doesn't cure the roots of the pblm. When she gets well, you can build up her immune system by introducing vits. There are many good brands in the market. Do do research and see which ones suit your child best. Hope your lo gets well soon.

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Honey Lemon water, Vitamin C, plenty of water and rest in addition to medication is quite effective. Coughs always seemed to be one of the more "long lasting" illness. Usually the right medication should help so it may be good to speak to your doctor again if the prescribed medication is ineffective. Hope your little one recovers soon!

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A doctor once told me. Cough medicine are less effective. It only suppresses the cough but does not cure it. Maybe you want to let it ride its course. If you really want to give medicine, try prospan its natural plant extract. Can purchase at the pharmacies off shelf.

If I were you, I'd call the doctor and let them know exactly that. Depending of what kind of medicine you received, they might give you an alternative medicine or ask you to wait and see if the situation improves.

i agree with Chin Yin. thats what I do for my 4 yr old. Actually,cough medicines are seldom effective.