Any remedies to help??

FTM Here... My baby is 7month plus and have cough with phlegm... would like to check if there is any way I could help baby to ease the phlegm? Cough and running nose due to teething

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Super Mum

Teething won’t cause a cough and running nose. You may want to bring your baby to a doctor. For running nose, you can try using a nasal saline spray and nasal aspirator or bulb to clear baby’s nose.

1y ago

Hmmm not sure is it cuz everytime he teeth he will have the same episode.. but aspirator don’t really help as my boy murder cry and struggle when we use the aspirator to suck

Wet cough could be due to the runny nose. Use nasal spray and aspirator to help clear the nose.

1y ago

ok noted... thanks


give slightly warm water, avoid giving food that will cause phlegm.