32 Weeks rant about going to work

Context: I am a primary school teacher in SG. I am a private patient in NUH. I am REALLY exhausted after lower primary classes. Physically and emotionally. I had panic attack last week at work. Last checkup was a few a days ago and my gynae refused to grant me HL for the next 3 weeks till next checkup at week 35 - only gave me 1-week HL. Knowing that I have 2 more weeks of work in my current state is giving me stress. I have maxed out all my MCs already and I was really hoping to utilise the HL entitlement to rest at home. Can I bring myself to A&E on the last day of my 1-week HL and request for longer HL till my next checkup? Is that possible? Anyone had long HL from week 30 onwards till you gave birth?

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Totally understand ur predicament! I'm a P1 teacher, was pregnant last year, it was super exhausting and my asthma worsened, feet got so swollen I cld hardly walk. I spoke to my RO and P abt reducing my duties and had my gynae wrote a letter abt my condition. Tt helped a bit. I also got 5 wks HL frm wk 32 onwards. Lucky for me it was alr Dec holidays when I was at my 37th wk so no HL rqd. I was with Parkway East anw. My colleague who had similar asthmatic condition only managed to get 2 wks prior to EDD, she was with KK private. I think it's true tt private hospitals are more flexible in giving HLs.

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3y ago

That is such a relief for you! Hmm probably next baby I'll go for private hosp instead if I am still in service lol

Hi mummy sorry to hear abt your predicament :( I’m a nuh private patient too and working with with a gov board. My gynae gave hl at 37 weeks and did that without batting an eyelid or questioning why. She even said she can extend it if I don’t deliver by 40 weeks. Ultimately, I think it depends on the situation you’re in but I completely empathize with you cos it’s never easy to teach and handle pregnancy woes at the same time. Hugs to you!

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I heard its hard to get hl in gvt hosp but not sure how true. When i was in my early tri, i had a tear and did a cervix check at my gynae. But not sure why i started bleeding n had a blood clot as huge as my palm. Headed to ane and the gynae there told me it was normal? And only gave me two days mc to rest n had a jab.

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I know how exhausted one can feel especially in the last trimester but sadly, no matter how you request, long HL is only given if you have complications with your pregnancy and you needed to be on bed rest.

May I ask who is your gynae in NUH?