How early you get hospitalisation leave HL in private hospital?

Hi mummies How early u get HL if u are in private hospital? My gynae gave me HL when i turned to week 31 for 3 weeks but i think during check up i also looked so exhausted. My 1st and 2nd tri i didnt ask for any mc / hl so perhaps he considering that as well? My next check up when i am on week 34, worried now he wont give me any since he has given me 3 weeks previously. Oops#firsttimemom #firstmom #FTM #firstbaby

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Really depends on your gynae, nature of ur job and your med condition too. More chance if you're with a pte gynae. Pte gynae in restructured hospitals like KKH may not be as generous as pte gynaes in pte hosp. My colleagues who were with KK cldnt get any HL. NUH tt time only gave if u need to be hospitalised. During my first pregnancy, my gynae wanted to give me HL frm 32 wks onwards due to my chronic asthma and very swollen feet tt worsened as I had to stand all day. Teacher btw. But I eventually took frm 35 wks onwards due to job demands unfortunately. This time rd for 2nd pregnancy I'm gonna just take any HL my gynae gives, not gonna allow anymore nego by the sch cz I learnt tt our well-being comes first!

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private gynae offered HL (they think that it will be good for me to rest as I'm 40) but didn't take as I don't think it's necessarily. there're too much work need to handover and settle prior to 4months maternity leave. commuting daily without seat, work till the appointed csec day.

8mo ago

Omg u are so strong mummy! I am required to go back office 2-3 days a week but my stomach so heavy already

Never had HL to rest at home during pregnancy a few years ago... new trend now... last time I worked till water bag burst 😂 wish I had heard of HL such things back in the days, so I wun have to squeeze with people on the bus, mrt, to work!

8mo ago

yes! on the mrt, people couldn't "see" me, either "sleeping" or staring intently at their phones.. one time on the bus, the driver actually asked the young man to give up his (reserved) seat to me 😅 I wonder if this only happens in Sgp??

I went to tmc and got a generous 1 month HL. 😝 gynae even offered more. I took at 36 weeks. Came back to work for a week only since i teach and then gave birth just nice on the Monday after my week of teaching 😂

I worked till the day i gave birth. Didnt ask for HL since i felt i could still work. I dont tink my gynae will anyhow issue me HL too. I was feeling so horrible in my first trim but not even mc! Haha.

I asked for HL since first trimester until now (week32). My gyn always give me maybe she knows my occupation that why I guess. I’m under kkh private.

8mo ago

May I ask whats your nature of job? does it require alot of standing? am contemplating to ask for HL too

I requested for HL from 30 week onwards till 33 weeks and it was approved by gynae. Then I took HL again from 34 to birth. pte gynae

was with private and got HL on week 39. but generally I felt OK to continue working.

Hl week 35, cause I'm teaching, can't bend down for the little ones already.

My Gynae don’t wish to give me any HL as I wasn’t on HL in hospital