just went thru evac

So its confirmed that I'd miscarriage. Just went thru evac surgery and in the ward resting. I will sign out from this app since there's no point in being here as it will make me more depress. To all whom has been kind enough with all your advices, encouragement, support and hugs, i really appreciate them alot!! To those who are pregnant, i pray for your health and may you go thru a smooth delivery with a healthy baby.. To existing mums, i pray for your health too so that you are always strong to care for your children.... Thank u once again for everything ladies!!

just went thru evac
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Take care dear. Thanks so much for ur thoughtful words for all the preggers here. No words can bring away your pain but i hope this time will pass quickly for you and try for another one when u r ready.

Oh god. Stay strong sayang! Allah is never wrong. He knows best what you may never know. Dont worry. Your little one is up there in the heaven waiting for you 😊❤ hugs


Hugs hugs. Totally know how u feel. I been through 3 Miscarriages and 1 abortion coz of unhealthy baby. It is never easy, take a break and try again. Hugs

2y ago

Thank you so much Qiqi

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Sad to hear that, don't think so much. Be positive and stay strong. Speedy recovery and take care of urself ya. Jy 💪🏻💪🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Don't give up! I was miscarriage once but another pregnancy on two months after the miscarriage ... I understand how you feel

Hugs. Please do not give up hope. Rest well and take good care this period is the most important now.

Totally understand same thing happened to me too. Dont give up. Take of yourself and stay cheerful

Allah has a better plan for you my dear sis.. InsyaAllah.. Dont give up and speedy recovery!!

Sorry to hear it... i wish you all the best and speedy recovery... take good care

Hugs. I pray you get better & feel better soon. Talk to someone if you need to. ❤

2y ago

Thank you so much!!