Pregnancy after stillbirth

Hi everyone, I had a stillbirth at 27weeks and had a c section to deliver my boy. It happened on 1st Jan when most people are celebrating the new year, I'm at the hospital crying for the loss of my son. After 5 months, my husband and I decided to try again with the advice from my doctor that it's ok to try again as she understood that we really want a baby. But after getting pregnant again, instead of being happy, my husband and I are living in fear of losing our second kid to stillbirth again. Are there anyone who went thru the similar situation as me and had a healthy rainbow baby? I'm hoping to find some peace with your story. Please do share it with me. Thank you for your time in reading my post. Edit: we did check with the doctor about what happened and the doctor couldn't find anything abnormal about the pregnancy and that everything was actually normal after doing some tests. She said it just happens sometimes.

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Im not a doctor but as with miscarriages, I believe baby developmental issues happening while pregnant is always due to DNA related. If there is a slight error in the chromosomes as yours and husband fuse together, it will cause problems to the foetus growth and development. It is a genetic lottery and nothing we can do or didn’t do, that will cause the final outcome. So don’t let the first time affect your second pregnancy’s confidence. Every pregnancy is unique and different. Take care!

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my friend's first pregnancy ended in stillbirth as well. and now she has 3 healthy boys. hope that encourages u!!

9mo ago

Can i ask how did your friend overcome the fear in her next few pregnancy?