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Comparing my pregnancy this time to my first born, I can say that my second baby is more active. S/He is so hyper and active that I'm having a hard time sleeping and resting even if I want to.

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Same..daming differences sa 1st born q kysa png 2nd baby q ease aq sa ist born daming pinagdaanang symptoms..kya feeling q FTM aq😁..but the excitement is the same..

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From my OB po: Mas feel ng mommies ang galaw pag 2nd pregnancy and up. Kapag kicks daw s 1st baby dama kapag 20 weeks pataas pero pag 2nd and up feel n as early as 16 weeks daw.

me too.. i'm on my 39th week pregnant na for my 2nd baby. feel ko parang ftm ako.

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Same. 😊