Is it possible that i am pregnant even if PTs say that im negative?

hi good pm. can i ask something? i have missed my period for 26 days already and i had a lot of pregnancy tests saying it is negative. we are trying to conceive, we have been married for more than a yr already, and this is the first time i was delayed by so long. is it still possible that i am pregnant? thanks!

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I have Pcos and already in medication now my menstruation is regularly every month until this october my period is late my last period is last sept 1 then i take PT last Oct. 8 but its negative. I have 35 cycle . when can i take again PT

3y ago

hi im the one who posted this. and i am now confirmed 9 weeks pregnant. there are tendency daw pala na hindi ma detect sa pt kasi bata pa ang baby becausenof delayed pregnancy. guve it time, after a week try mo po ulit.

Pcos din ako. Ganyan din ako last april nadelay nagpt ako negative hanggang mag 2mos na wala padin nagpt ulit ako and positive na sya.

Subukan niyo po magpa ultrasound or beta hcg blood test mas accurate po yun

3y ago

thank yooooou!!!

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Ultrasound or checkup with OB.