Vomitting Blood during Pregnancy

In my first trimester and have been vomitting quite frequently. Is it normal to vomit blood during pregnancy?

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Super Mum

Oh dear it probably means your esophagus is damaged from the vomiting, must be uncomfortable :(. You can check with a doctor if there's any way to manage it. Take care!

I did vomit blood also and that’s because I keep vomiting a couple of times.. not too much of blood though. Doctor wasn’t alarmed becoz it’s caused I vomited too hard

2y ago

Think i vomitted too hard as well..

Yes, I’m vomitting quite frequently and sometimes with blood as well. I told my gynae but she didn’t look too alarmed. Should be fine. Hang in there!

Super Mum

If you’re retching and vomiting really hard, it’s possible. But if it’s persistent, you may want to go to the hospital.

Not normal. Pls consult gynae for a proper check. Takecare!!

Hi mummy, this is not normal. Pls do hurry get checked!

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It’s not a normal sign .. better to consult ur doc

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It is not usual my dear, do check with your gynar


no not normal please see a doctor

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Better check with ur gynae.