Vomit gastic acid during pregnancy

Is it normal to vomit gastric acid and having reflux (all very painfull to my throat and gastic) during first trimester? Any remedies?

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yes very common! if really bad and cannot take it then go see gynae and ask for meds. but if can still tahan is ok. i eat a lot of chilli when early pregnancy also coz i like, but then have to pay the cost with tummy pain 🤣

Yes it’s common. I keep a box of biscuits by my bedside and take a few pieces when I wake up (even in the middle of the night). This lessened the pain for me if I vomit.

You can take antacid when it happens. That’s what my Gynae prescribe me in second trimester. You can ask the pharmacist for which Brand’s are safe during pregnancy

I had anti nausea meds from gynae but after 3 weeks of taking, it doesn't help so now I seeing TCM. Can help with stomach air and appetite much more better

yes, it's common. Your doc will prescribe something for you depending on the severity of your symptoms Hope you overcome it soon :)

Yes, it’s normal. Avoid spicy and oily food. Nth works for me, but it’s gone after the first trimester. Hang in there 😊.

Yes it is quite common. ask ur gynae to give you some medications. it should make u feel better. also avoid spicy food.

Try to avoid spicy food, fried food, caffeine, chocolate, yeast and fizzy drinks. Hope it helps.

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Try Maalox plus. Consult phamarcist or doctor before purchase.

Yes! Try to avoid spicy food and ask gynae to give medicine