First trimester no nausea or vomitting

I am 10 weeks now. Is it normal to not feel anything in the tummy during the first trimester?

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Super Mum

Yes, hun perfectly normal! Every pregnancy is different. It's still early days, so you may not feel pregnant at all yet. Some pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, won't kick in for another week or so and even no sickness at all. Enjoy your pregnancy journey! 😘

Normal. I rarely have my morning sickness throughout my pregnancy and I'm due next month 😁 considered yourself lucky that we don't have to go through that phase 😜

how lucky! im only on my 8th week and oh boy, this morning sickness is taking a toll on me.

Yes, normal. Consider yourself lucky that you don't have morning sickness! :)

1st born no morning sickness at 1 n 2 trimester. the 3rd one vomit 😭😭🤣

Yup! I have no nausea & vomiting in 1st trimester too! Lucky us!

Yes normal, I don't feel them too. we are lucky!

Normal. It means you’re lucky 😄

yes, normal. I dont have it too

Yes, it is normal to feel like that