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cna wet wipes be used to clean LO's face?

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If it’s the only option available, it’s ok. So long as it’s mild and has no fragrance. (Fragrant = chemicals are present). If at home, still better to use wash cloth or cotton pads dipped in cooled boiled water.

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No for infant. Baby face is very sensitive. Can't use anything except boiled water. Use with sterilized cotton balls. I used normal tap water then my boy got baby pimples.

My sister used the wipes on the LO face and got rashes. Better not to try as wipes contains some chemicals and may not be good for baby's skin

It is best to use wash cloth. Just get boiled water that was cool down, can also use to clean the tongue. Cheaper than wetwipes :)

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Depends in the formula of the wet wipes. If only water, should be okay. But not those with other chemicals

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I did use wet wipes to clean my baby's face sometimes when I am outside. Try not to use it frequently.


I still prefer old fashioned face towel and water to keep chemicals away from my baby’s face

I using lec wet wipes to clean mouth also 🤔. I guess it depends on what wet sipes

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I try not too . Bby had allergic reaction after using a brand for hands and mouth.

I would cos i used those wet wipes with no ingredients except water. Soonsu brand