We went to a pd and got to know my son has eczema. Was given steroid cream. It cleared the acne, red patches away but we stopped using it and relying on it once we realised his skin got dry and patchy. We started using suu balm after which and it got better but we realised that the acne, red patches on his skin will start to appear once we stopped using the cream. Do you mummies know if we have to solely rely on cream to combat eczema? We have tried to keep his cheeks clean; pat it with warm water etc but the acne will still be there. I am honestly quite bothered with pple and strangers approaching me about it and implying that i do not keep his cheeks clean/ the environment he is in; my home is dirty/ passing remark on my hair touching his face which is not true as i keep them up. Can’t help to feel like i am a bad mom each time i hear it.
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U need to trial and error to find he right skincare which will not cause a flare up. Long term use of steroid cream will built immunity to it, then will need stronger and stronger dosage which is not
Hi, maybe can try Buds ?
My son had atopic dermatitis from.birth to 1 year old. He was on steriod then apply moisturizer after. but once it cleared up we just used moisturizer like ceredan or sebamed. My second one had very m
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My son used to have such skin problems too, what helped was cetaphil. We changed his entire bath > skin moisturiser. (We were using j&j baby at first) Now using cetaphil baby wash and also AD Pro whic
Hi! My baby previously had this.. i really rely on Aveeno until i realise tht it was actually his wet wipes tht was causing his face to turn red. Once ive changed to Pampers complete clean wipes, the
Hello mummy. Aveeno sure will check it out! Thank you for replying. :)