What chores does your child help you with?

Comment below what type of chore(s) your little helper, assists you with ?

What chores does your child help you with?
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Super Mum

Keeping toys, hanging clothes, putting laundry into the laundry basket, “sweeping”. Lol. She’s 4

Make the bed, tidy up room, sweep and mop the floor, older ones help younger sibling to dress up

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He is 4yrs just .. n he do putting things after finish his meal n bit cleaning

Putting their toys back to where it belong and bringing plates to the sink

Tidy and clean tables, hang clothes, fold clothes, wash cutlery.

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Keeping and packing her own stuff is good enough for me!

Keeping stuff is good enough

Cleaning the living room.

Vacuuming the floor


moping the floor