How do i stop my girl from playing w her water bottle? She's using straw water bottle. Whenever she open herself and drinks, after finish drinking she would pour out the water and play w it. I've told her many times she cant play w water like that but she just wont listen. How do i kick this bad habit of hers?

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For me, i will flick her fingers whenever she tries to play with it. It depend on what kind of parenting style u are doing. I will flick my boys hand when they do something wrong even if i been repeating 100 times of stop doing it.

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7y ago

i tried smacking her hands, taking it away from her when she tries to play, only letting her drink and i make sure to take it away immediately after she drinks it but she just wont seem to get it..

Sounds familiar... haha..I pick my battles... sometimes I just close one eye... if not I will be nagging at him all day Long T.T

Sometimes they are pretty stubborn thats why we become naggy. hahaha. No choice have to slowly talk and talk and talk.

if she throws a fit then you need to be firm. by giving in you are sending her the wrong signals.

how old is she? I'll let her drink and remove it immediately to prevent.

7y ago

18mo. i tried but she always throw tantrum after i take away

How old is she? They are testing limits. U need to be firm

7y ago

18mo. whenever im firm she still throw tantrums..

Be firm with her and say No. Be firm and stern

7y ago

have tried many times till i have to shout..