Do you change or put on clothes in front of your spouse?

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Yes and it's certainly the only thing I'll make sure he's the only person who can witness it. Haha! Before when we don't have a child yet, I was uncomfortable to do it but after that nah, why hide anything or be shy about it right?

Yes, almost all the time and he does it too. Like what everyone here has mentioned, walang hiya-hiya pagdating ky hubby. You should be at your most comfortable state when you are with him.

Yes. And he does the same. Of course, we only do it in front of one another. :) That's the thing about being a couple, you do almost all your regular personal activities--together.

Most of the time, yes. The only time I don't is when we are mad at each other. I feel comfortable naman changing in front of him and he's totally okay with it too.

It depends on the situation. Most of the time no. I only change clothes in front of him if we're in a hurry and we're both preparing at the same time.

Most of the time no, because we don't prepare for work or going out at the same time. But I don't have any issues dressing up in front of my husband.

Oo naman. Kapag mag-asawa na kayo, wala ng hiya hiya sa isa't-isa. Dapat normal na yung mga ganyang bagay.

I've read that proper marriage etiquette says you shouldn't so your body can at times be a mystery for your spouse.

no, to keep the fire burning 🔥