How do you tame your babies thick hair. I have a 10 month old twins. Baby boy has black wavy hair in front while black/brown curly hair on the back of his head. Baby girl has brown wavy hair in front, straight hair on the back of her head.

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Wow, super cute naman po nila. My baby has thick hair too. I started using cetaphil baby shampoo for her hair, ung johnsons conditioning shampoo kasi nakakadry ng ends ng hair nya, same as using just a baby wash thats also for the body.

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8y ago

thanks po.. Cute nmn ni baby mo. how old na xa. sige try ko gamitin ung Cetaphil

Yay! They're so cute! Try mo sila gamitan mommy nung Johnsons' No More Tangles shampoo & conditioner. :)

8y ago

thanks po. sige I will try that