Is carseat a waste of money if you don’t drive/own a car n don’t take taxis/grab often? Like you’d prefer to take mrt/bus but occasionally need to travel by car with LO?

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My personal view is waste of money, im hme with baby most of the time, i juz need carrier or stroller, i prefer to take public transport too....if normal taxi dun need car seat unless u call grab or gojek, if occasionally taking car, then have to see how far the distance u going to travel, if like jurong travel to pasir ris then i will consider buying it

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Lots of good car seat options that fit into the stroller. We use the Chicco Bravo. We feel more comfortable and know we’re trying to provide the safest ride for little one. We have to wear seatbelts and so should they, so tiny and vulnerable.

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Then I won’t buy one car seat and waste space at home. U can get the portable car seat? Or Doona? Taxi baby?

Waste of money or not the traffic police law says you must use car seat until 6 so no choice

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We dont hve any cars so didnt get one. Just travel by taxi if we need to


Why not can get a stroller with car seat? Will it helps?

I got my car seat on Carousell for $20. Decent enough

They are not very expensive. Can get one for about 200

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Not everyone has the luxury to spend 200 on something that won’t be used much or often like u, some r from low income family n 200 can last them 2weeks for food

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Well if you get a hand me down...

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for me is a waste of money