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Gojek need car seat? Don’t tell me not safe etc, I don’t drive n don’t take cars or taxi often, carseat is a waste of money for me.

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Safety is paramount, so check your car regularly for breakdowns. I would like to recommend the auto parts store https://onefastshop.com/, they have only quality auto parts and fast delivery, so I was satisfied. Take care of yourself!

Super Mum

Yea. Taxi will be able to take you and nb though. And dont book. Just hail. Cus the booking fee also sian. 😒

Now gojek/grab all need car seat if we with kids🙄 usually i book grab cab or just hail

Gojek/Grab doesn't allow pick up with babies because it requires car seats. Only taxis.

Just take taxi. You don’t need a car seat if you take one.

Just hail a cab and save on booking fee too

Yes need car seat for children below 130cm


Can just take taxi, no need car seat.

Need carseat fro below 130cm

Need. Only taxis don't.