Please share your experiences or advices to FTM!

Hello. Care to drop your experiences about labour? What advice(s) would you give to first time mummies? Feeling a little anxious here....

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Learn abt breathing techniques during labour. It'll help even if u're on epidural just so tt u don't feel completely exhausted. Honestly for me, giving birth isn't as overwhelming as the 4th trimester. While u prepare urself for labour, do also prepare urself mentally for the postpartum period. Read up as much as u can abt breastfeeding, ask new moms how they cope with lack or rather no sleep at all. I feel this is totally underrated. I wish ppl had truly told me everything abt the post childbirth. I had postnatal blues even with incredible support frm my mom and hubby. Not to scare you but just an honest advice frm a FTM who wished tt she was told more abt it.

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