Can you forgive and forget?

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Can you forgive and forget?
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Coming from a cheating relationship (I am the perpetrator).. I have learnt that Humans will never run away from mistakes. No matter big or small it is. And don’t be too confident you will never cheat because you will just end up cheating. 30 years I despise third parties but I became one a year ago. It was hell. Just few days before my marriage, my partner found out. Of course what the hell was I thinking to keep it from him (?!) Almost called off the wedding. But we still got married and my first few months was all about asking me to leave the house, a stream of vulgarities hurled at me, silent treatment and whatnots. But I chose to persevere and be patient and kind. I know the pain I have caused him and his family. From this, I have learnt that we must show mercy to all mankind no matter what happens. It can happen to you, your sister, your brother, your daughter, your son. Forgetting a dark past is not easy but time heals all wound. Re-build that trust, there will be times when many references will remind your partner about the incident but you have to be patient and walk with them through their pain. After a fight, make it a habit to resolve it within 24hrs..and come back to each other with some love. Life is short, if you don’t wanna mend the relationship, then just leave. If you think you are willing to take that leap of faith and go through emotional abuse while healing your partner, I salute you. Again, to each it’s own.

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I mite, depends on how severe the fault is. But i will rite awae cut off the person out of my life, out of sight. Will never trust that person ever again.

Yes, life is too short to bear a grudge. However, i make sure i learn- first time is on me, second time is on you...

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Yes but it takes time .. I don’t forget but forgive in certain time n it depends on the person as well

When i forgive, it make me feel better. I may not forget, so that i wont make e same mistake twice

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My poor memory ensures I always forget. Does that count as forgive? Lol Live and let live ya

I think I can. But I'm also vindictive. So I'll think of a way to get revenge

Can forgive but never forgot. Once bitten I am silly, twice then I am stupid

Can but if smth happens again I'll get reminded of everything

Depends on the situation. Most likely can forgive but hard to forget