How long have you been together with your spouse?

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How long have you been together with your spouse?
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Started as Frends then Best Frends then Lovers then Married Couples now FINAL PROMO AS PARENTS (Phewww 13yrs) Even came out in NEWSPAPER & Happi to get the 1 OF THE BEST MARRIED COUPLES IN SINGAPORE (God Bless)

10yrs dating & 3 yrs married, first love & started at 15yrs old! ❤ Welcoming our little one in 2021 after our slacking times.

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Since dating will be coming to 6yrs. Married will be 4years this sep!😁

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Married 10 years, together for 12. Finally parents last year. 💕

5 years lovers and now 1 year married..and we are still madly in love ❤️

5 years married, 14 years together! 👩‍❤️‍👨❤️🙏

About 4months and is already expecting a kid 😅

Coming up to our 20th anniversary soon. Plus a few years

12 years together in total but 7 years married

5 years, and married for a little over a year