How long have you been together with your spouse?

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How long have you been together with your spouse?
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Started as Frends then Best Frends then Lovers then Married Couples now FINAL PROMO AS PARENTS (Phewww 13yrs) Even came out in NEWSPAPER & Happi to get the 1 OF THE BEST MARRIED COUPLES IN SINGAPORE (God Bless)

10yrs dating & 3 yrs married, first love & started at 15yrs old! ❤ Welcoming our little one in 2021 after our slacking times.

Known each other since we were classmates at 11 years old, got together for almost 11 years!

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Married 10 years, together for 12. Finally parents last year. 💕

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Since dating will be coming to 6yrs. Married will be 4years this sep!😁

5 years lovers and now 1 year married..and we are still madly in love ❤️

Together for 3 years , Just 6 month marriage and I’m pregnant 23 week now


since 2005 .. so its 16 years this year! oh my god. time flies. hahah

Coming up to our 20th anniversary soon. Plus a few years

5 years married, 14 years together! 👩‍❤️‍👨❤️🙏