In one word, tell us what you love about your spouse

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In one word, tell us what you love about your spouse
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Supportive is the word. Without him being supportive, I would have already fallen in pp depression. He let me have my sleep while he does all the night feedings despite having work the next morning. He found me crying alone on the couch after I delivered as I felt so emotional for no apparent reason and came to hug me, kiss me and tucked me in to bed that night and assured me everything will be fine and he will settle everything for me. I love him even more after we had this baby. Right now he's cutting me an apple before heading to work :)

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i love him because he is who he is. 😍 he is not perfect but neither am i. but he tries and its the heart that counts.

Always tries his best, giving us all that he can. Truly appreciative of his effort :)

despite our disagreement at times, i'm glad my husband compromise and understand things.

LOML - love of my life (I know this is cheating, but can't fit in one word!)

Very supportive and encouraging. He always wants the best for me.

He is very supportive and will fulfill whatever request from me.

He respects me, love me and my daughter unconditionally

Super Mum

Committed (Someone who’ll stay with me till the end)

someone who have never understood me or stood by me.