Can anyone recommend books perfect for a 6 month old? My baby has just started flipping through my magazines and tears pages out!

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You can try the Indestructibles book series. They are water-proof, tear-resistant and pretty much baby-proof. They are also emergent literacy tools which means that they are of little words and colourful pictures and easy to follow. Plus, they're portable and easy to carry around. I bought one for a friend's baby and personally, I find them really adorable. You can get them via or at Kinokuniya. Got mine at Kino's online store for about 10SGD. This is the website for the Indestructibles book series if you want to find out more:

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Cloth books will be perfect. I have tons of them. They are soft, interactive and requires much more effort for your baby to tear, if even possible. I have many Lamaze cloth books, and they come with squeakers and crinkly paper flaps. Bath books are good as well. They are easy to wipe down and can be placed in the bath tub.

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lol look for cloth books or hard covers. preferably with bright colours less words and more pictures m

Cloth books are great for a start, the best part it's made out of cloth!