Ask the Expert Series: Breastfeeding

Start asking away, if you have questions all about breastfeeding, as our expert Dr Tan Yia Swam will be answering your questions on breastfeeding ??

Ask the Expert Series: Breastfeeding
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I was given a strong painkiller called Arcoxia when I had my tooth removed. Can I still breastfeed? If not, how long would it take for the drug leave my system before I can give breastmilk to my baby again?

2y ago

Arcoxia is one of the "newer" types of anti-inflammatory medications. While there is no proof that it is harmful, most docs familiar with babies and breastfeeding would avoid using it. It's difficult, but consider to pump & dump! Once you stop taking Arcoxia, the amount in your blood stream should be low and safe enough, by second day to resume BF. Do check out this full drug advisory for details: (Section 4.6)