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any brand recommendations for stretch mark creams ??

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I use a variety and so far no stretch marks. I’m in my 35th week. I’ve used mustela, bio- oil, palmers and elancyl - all can be found in Watsons! I like Elancyl best as it’s very easy to apply and there no scent which is great during pregnancy when your sense of smell is heightened.

I have been using palmer’s massage lotion since around week 10 (i’m currently week 13). I got it from iherb as it is cheaper than buying from Guardian. I’ve also gotten their tummy butter.

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I stand by mustela. Palmer's gave me rash during pregnancy. Mustela was damn shiok. Got cooling effect. Especially if u get really itchy .

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But tbh. Laser only can diminish the scars. Creams helps to elasticize the skin. If you know what I mean. If ur using cream to get rid of stretch marks, it won't happen.

I used vaseline since my first preg 9yrs ago. Start apply since I know I'm preg. Till now my #3 I do not have any stretch marks.

It helped a bit for my wife. Told her is an indication how great to be mummy and to show the children what mummy has sacrificed.

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bcos stretch mark is mainly genetics. cream is to help reduce

I'm using the brand Elastin by Robelyn. But realize aloe Vera gel works better though.

Was recommended Mustela!

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Palmer’s cocoa butter

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Clarins is an option