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My boyfriend works to provide our basic needs, I mean I am working too but I tend to spend more money than he does. So now knowing that I am pregnant, he is working extra hard to provide all the needs for the 3 of us in the future. So my question is, is it okay to ask your partner to spend some time with you whenever you come over (we live separately for now btw)? I wasn’t like this before I was pregnant. Am i asking too much? Is this how pregnancy works? I even cried when I spoke to him about this. I am getting too sensitive each day! I don’t want because of this my relationship is going to be a disaster. Any advice? Btw, i work in a hostel industry same as my bf so we have different outlets, that’s the reason why I am able to see him because there are times I need to go over to settle some issues, incase if some of you guys are wondering why I went out to see him during this CB period ?

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Hmm now CB period ur not supposed to be visiting each other lei.. somemore you’re preg..well it’s normal sometimes due to our hormones, we can be extra needy and wanted, sometimes we’re overly happy sometimes we just feel upset over small silly things. It’s best to talk abt it to your partner n let him know that this is normal n it happens n u both have to be patient while u go thru this journey together.. it’s not easy, especially when ur not staying together

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4y ago

I work in a hostel same company as him. We have diff outlets, so there are times i need to go over to the hostel that he is working at to settle some issues, that’s why I am able to see him. Sorry forget to mention that! 😅 Thank you for your kind advice. I will try to talk it out with him about how it’s going to be for the next 9 months 😉😘