It's really a tough question to ask.

my bestfriend confided in me regarding her relationship with her live in partner (real status). Turns out the guy has fallem out of love with her & secretly pursuing the new girl (cheating) because at the same time he doesnt want to end it with my bff. What worried me most is the guy being violent (while my bff is breastfeeding their little one, the guy pinmed her down and threw punches at her + verbal abbusing her). I suggested she should cut him out of her life completely as it was not the first, 2nd time giving the guy chances. it was disrespectful at any aspect. She doesnt want to tell her parents about it (thing is they live with my bffs parents). Do you think I'm right? For him to be completely cut off?

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I totally agree with you, harsh/abbussing words is so much especially when you gave birth, Pa-police na nya. Ipakulong nya ng madala. May laban cya especially binubogbog cya..


totally agree with u yet she has to be ready din since mukhang she just gave birth she might fall into depression so be sure to support her