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7 Tips on Preparing Your Eco-friendly Go Bag

The recent event of Taal Volcano eruption and ash fall is a wake-up call to have your emergency kit or go-bag to be prepared for you and your family. While you're on it, here are some ideas on how you can be sustainably-ready: 1. Opt for solar-powered instead of battery-operated items. ? This saves you from using disposable batteries. If not available, you may invest in hand-crank ones. If this won't be possible, rechargeable electronics are the next best thing. However, make sure you have a power bank too. 2. Ditch the plenty of small disposable bottles. ? Buy your emergency water by gallons instead, then just bring a tumbler. Better yet, use a big water jug instead if you have one. 3. Food is very important, but you get the ones with recyclable or reusable packaging like canned food and biscuits in containers, boxes, or ziplocks ? 4. Don't forget to have metal or wooden utensils for eating. ? Bring reusable containers too. 4. Store digital copies of your IDs, insurance policies, health cards, and other documents in your mobile phone and your external hard drive or memory card. ? 5. Face masks are important to keep your safety during times of disaster. ? Good news is that there are reusable cloth ones available. You may use the ordinary face masks that are widely available or get the N99 cloth version. 6. For your toiletries and grooming items: - Cut a small portion in your shampoo and soap bars. ? - Use a bamboo toothbrush and wooden comb or brush - For women, pack on reusable pantyliners, menstrual pads, or cup 7. Even your first aid kit can be turned eco-friendly. ? Here are some ideas: - buy on small tubes instead of sachet - reusable gauze and bottle of alcohol instead of disposable wet wipes - small pieces of cotton cloth instead of tissue We hope these small things add up and make your emergency kit earth-friendlier. Comment below if you have more ideas. Stay alert and keep safe!

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7 Tips on Preparing Your Eco-friendly Go Bag
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