Rant out about my mil

Been having a cold war with my mother in law for a week because of she keep giving my son to watch phone whenever he want. Even my son just woke up from his sleep in the morning and he ask to watch phone my mother in law didn't stop him. I trying to stop him to do so but my mother in law was so unhappy n even shout at me "he never watch la". She has been giving him to watch since he was a baby untill now he alrd use to it. My son only look for her to watch phone as only she allow. My mother in law even said me I'm crazy why don't want let him watch phone. I'm like erm afternoon n night I nvr give him meh I alr nvr say anything. I'm so pissrd off with this. I don't like her. Hoping she quickly move out. When I talk to her nicely she shouted at me. Such a no manner old lady😡😡

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It happens to my child too previously . And it is so hard to wean off my LO from the screen . Enough is enough and I enrolled him in a childcare