Week 8 based on last menstrual period but ultrasound showed 5.5 weeks

Hello! Anyone here experiencing the same situation? I’m currently 8 weeks preg (according to my last menses) but ultrasound scan, it showed 5.5 weeks. Only gestational sac can be seen. No yolk sac and fetal pole yet. Started some spotting yesterday. Thank you.

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Not to worry too much about it first. Counting based on last menstrual period is just an estimate. The ultrasound scans are most accurate because it takes the crown rump length of the embryo to give an accurate measurement of your embryo. The doctors and us won’t be able to know when we exactly ovulate or when the fertilised egg implants onto your uterus. Wait till your next scan then see how. Have you made an appt with a gynae. Let them know about your spotting, they make give you some meds to stabilize the pregnancy.

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it is normal, I was at the same boat as you thought I was 8 weeks pregnant but scan showed only 4 weeks just the sac no fetal pole too was worried a lot , I had severe cramps though so doctor gave me medicine , right now im 19 weeks pregnant. so do not worry 😊 stay positive

we're told I'm on 5 weeks. same as u, first scan were only gestational sac last week. this week, 2nd scan sac is bigger n yolk can be seen. will follow up again in 2 weeks time. hope it's good news. n we're told to watch out for pain / bleeding

don't worry .. last mense is just an estimation .. it really depends if your cycle is regular or irregular .. your ovulation dates etc .. according to my last period i was 8 weeks, when i went to gynae it was only 7 weeks 4 days ..

hi hi. any update on your situation? i have the same as you. today 8 weeks but showed 5.5 wks. mine should be accurate as I did IVF. no heartbeat yet need to come back 2 weeks later. dunno what to feel. hope for the best for us

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When I did my 1st scan, ultrasound showed 6 weeks which tallies with the last menses date, can't hear heart beat too. Doc suggested vaginal scan if I really wanna try hearing, but I decided not to cuz I think extra cost. I asked doc if it is normal to be unable to hear heartbeat at 6 weeks via ultrasound, she said it is normal. Did my 2nd scan at 8 weeks and the heartbeat was loud and clear. Stay positive! 💪🏻

I went through the same as well. When I went to the doc, I calculated based on my last senses was 7weeks, but when the doc did the ultrasound, it was only 5weeks. My menses got screwed up due to the vaccination.

I did a scan at A&E on Tuesday due to slight bleeding. Doctor said it was 5 week plus to early 6 weeks. They saw a sac and yolk but no fetal pole yet. I am really worried. Today is my firat dating scan.

don't worry, just take the medication prescribed by doctor and observe any bleeding (pinkish/red)..

Last menses is an estimation because tbh, implantation can occur anytime from that time until then.

yes it’s normal. follow scan instead, sometimes period/ovulation can be off