Waking baby at night

My 1.5 month old baby no longer wakes up in the night to cry for milk. She can go for 6-7 hours without crying for milk at night. Do I need to wake her up to feed her at night?

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Yup follow her cue. Mine also started slping longer at 1 mth plus. Usually he will cluster feed before he sleeps and will wake up and cluster feed again for a few hrs. Just feed on demand.


No need, my baby from 1mth old also sleep 5-6hrs as well at night unless ur baby weight is not gaining or else just follow her cue :)

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i think each baby are different. my baby drink alot but stretch longer, some babies drink very little but often. hehe, my baby 2.5mths old already sleep thru the night 8hrs never wakeup cry for milk.


no follow baby's cue. anw you are damn lucky to have baby sttn so young

6-7 hours is rather long IMHO. I’d recommend asking your PD.

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Wait for her cue. If they are hungry they will cry for milk.

no need. she will wake when she's hungry