Curious baby and pooping issues

Hello. My baby just turned 2mo 6days and she is on full breastmilk. I do direct latching only and recently I noticed a few things : 1) She doesn't empty my boobs anymore. She used to be able to empty it within 5mins, no distractions, just sucking till satisfaction. Nowadays she gets fussy during latching, pulling and tugging alot so I will have to re-latch multiple times because she is still looking for milk and will cry for it. My flow can be quite fast as it's continuous dripping so I didn't think it was slow flow that cause her to become fussy. I am wondering why she tugs and pulls so much now :( 2) She doesn't poop for 2-3 days but we still get decent number of wet diapers. Is this normal? P.s/ 3) She was taking bottle as and when I need to head out but recently she doesn't seem to know how to suck the bottle anymore. Not even the pacifier. She will cry in hunger but refuse to suck the bottle, even when I'm not anywhere near my sister who is helping me feed her. Should I start introducing bottles to her alrdy? Thanks everyone in advance!

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Can’t really advice on the first one, cause I EP mummy. 2) it’s totally normal for BF not to poop for days. If u get a good amount of wet diapers, she should be fine! 3) this happen to my nephew. Like her refuse to drink from the bottle when the mummy not around and will drink well when she’s around. But I’m not sure if that’s the case for u. Maybe can read this article

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