Baby keeps rejecting milk

Hi mom! My baby now is 3 months 3 days. When she is 1 months old, her milk intake decrease. And it’s okay i reduce her milk from 90ml to 70-80ml. Then slowly i increase to 90-100ml. Then started 2 month, she lost her appetite. She keep rejecting and my fault i keep forcing. Then i stop to force, but until now she keep rejecting milk. I try to give by demand, but 5-6 hours still not cry for milk and i’m so stressed now :( Sometimes i know she is hungry, but when i offer milk, she will suck but just two to five sucks, she will stop and started to shake her head then cry. I should rock her to sleep first before feed her bcs she just can be dreamfeed. I’m not sure is it bottle aversion or not. And what should i do? Thankyouu so much!#advicepls #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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Mama don’t stressed! My lo 1st month was 60-90ml :) Are you Bf or mixed feed w bottle milk? How’s her weight %? Did u jz went for PD check up? - Some babies will reject milk bottle. Only want bf. - You can try use different teat or bf then bottle feed again. - observe baby’s cue . - Could be teething before they are 4 months old, and some after 6- 12 months. - also can check baby stomach whether is it bloated etc

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