Baby in pain?

My baby hasn’t pooped in 3 days although pee output and bm intake is ok. My worry is that he sometimes cries like in pain and always wants to be carried - all day all night. Max we put him down is 15 mins. Any suggestions please?THANK YOU I mainly want to know if I should bring him to Pd since he is in pain.

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We use ridwind since our boy is around 3 months old and it works well. Now we have reduced the intake from 3 times to twice a day since he is to have quite consistent bowel movement. My husband feels that massaging his tummy also helps. Not the oil. So you can use any baby oil. We tried ruyee oil and didn't like the smell. Now we are using Eagle Eucalyptus Baby Oil and it works fine. :)

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It happened to my baby too. For breastfed babies, some don’t poo everyday. You can try giving some probiotics to your baby like Biogaia. It can help with colic too. You can also do some cycling motion, massage your baby’s tummy to help him poo.

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Colic? Try either ridwind or ruyiyou oil. Usually for PD, they will suggest going to see a doctor only after 7 days of no poop

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Maybe he need to be burped or have colic problem. You can give him probiotic to improve the colic. It works wonder on my baby

Try Gripe Water. Hope your baby gets well soon.