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My baby is 2 weeks and 3 days old and is fully on BM. these past few days he has been fussing during feedings , trying to find my nipple when it’s right there, latching and de latching and seems frustrated sometimes but there are days that he latches on fine without any fussing also it is difficult to get him to burp! and sometimes he spits out some milk when we put him down today while he was sleeping, he cried and coughed out milk from his mouth and some from his nose and his face was very red it sounded and looked like he was choking we carried him and put him in an upright position and he stopped fussing and is currently sleeping in my husband’s arm his last milk intake was 2.5 hrs ago. was wondering can it really take that long to experience a reflux? am still worried though , is he like choking or is this normal what if it happens in the middle of the night when we’re asleep? should i bring him to the doctor? i don’t know what to do🥺🥺🥺

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try massaging your breasts before each feed. n ensure tt your bb latch properly when feeding. it can be due to shallow latching or the flow of milk is too slow to bb liking, so they will latch and de latch to find an optimal feeding position. it was also very hard to burp my gal initially. you can try the sitting up n holding the chin method or over the shoulder method. usually breastfeeding bb don't require to be burp as much as formula fed bb. my gal is 3mth + currently and still get reflux sometimes 1-2hr later. so it's pretty common. pd advice not to overfeed bb to prevent reflux. else can try feeding for shorter period/lesser amount of milk but more frequently like every 2h instead of 3h. ps: if u believe in tcm, can bring bb to yuguo at kembangang for massage. it was helpful for my gal

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If u are worried about reflux, try to put him upright for about 20 mins after his feed before putting him down… pds will recommend having more frequent feeds at lower volume… u can try feeding every 2 hr instead of 3…