My baby girl is going to be 9 months old on the 8 of July. She used to be able to take 1.5 to 2 hours nap in the after late morning so that I can catch up my housework. Recently, she only sleep when I nurse her but she wake up within minutes after I lay her on bed. I dont mind nursing her to sleep at all but I need to do housework and prepared dinner for my elder child and she needs her naps. I babywearing her too but she will nap for a while and want to nurse again (she only want nursing in lying down position and wont take them unless I lay down with her). Once she's alseep, I will find my way away but she will wakes up within 10 minutes again. The cycle just keep continue. Please help!!

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Your baby girl is growing up & is more & more curious of the surroundings. I will advise you to play by ear. If she is unwilling to take long nap you might want to try to eat, play, sleep method. After a meal, plan some activities suitable for her age like story telling, exersaucer, jumperoo or an activity mat. Let her use some exercise to make her tired & she might nap longer. However, if she doesn't nap longer. Do not fret. Try to let her play with safe toys of her age within your vision. It's actually good to let them self entertained for a while to train them to be more independent

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your baby is growing up now and so she is becoming more curious as well as active. trust me, she will now sleep less and you will see an increase in her activities. instead of trying to spend too much time putting her to sleep, let her play and get tired through games and activities. this will also help her fall off to sleep maybe a few hours later. if she still does not sleep, try massaging her gently during the afternoon feed time and see if she takes a short nap.

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When she wakes up, does your baby cry or fusses around? If she doesn't, maybe you can let her stay awake while you do your chores? That what a friend of mine does. It is so difficult to put her daughter down for a nap so she would let baby play by herself while she works. Baby is never left alone, always in the vicinity and she would usually entertain herself and sometimes she'd fall asleep on her own. This is the chair my friend uses.

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