My baby girl is going to be 9 months old on the 8 of July. She used to be able to take 1.5 to 2 hours nap in the after late morning so that I can catch up my housework. Recently, she only sleep when I nurse her but she wake up within minutes after I lay her on bed. I dont mind nursing her to sleep at all but I need to do housework and prepared dinner for my elder child and she needs her naps. I babywearing her too but she will nap for a while and want to nurse again (she only want nursing in lying down position and wont take them unless I lay down with her). Once she's alseep, I will find my way away but she will wakes up within 10 minutes again. The cycle just keep continue. Please help!!

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Hey mom, your baby girl is growing up! that's what is happening :) i understand how frustrating it can be and how tiring. i went through the same with both my kids, but trust me, as she gets more playful and active, she will soon start getting back to her nap time again. this is just a phase where she wants to be as much awake as possible and do as much as she can. be patient, keep trying to make her sleep, and get your rest too whenever you can

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she is growing up and even though you may have felt that now you will be able to manage it better as she grows up, trust me it will get a little more chaotic :) your baby will now want to play and explore more, so i would suggest find toys that she can play with and be near you, while you do the work you need to do. also, if possible, get her a big playpen and settle her down with toys and such, so that she is safe and you can move around too.

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how long have this been ? i remember mine being like this for a period of time when she is younger too . iguess the stage will passsoon . im lucky as i still have my helper to help out when i got to do my work at home.