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Hi all, My baby is due in Dec and we are currently looking for a helper. I live in a 3 room flat - one master, 2 common where one is where my mother is staying and another as the study and store room. My flat does not have a dedicated storeroom. Initially my mother is okay to share a room with the helper but recently decided she didn't feel comfortable. And she also works by the way. My intention was to have the help + mom in room 1 and baby room with study and store room in the other room. Now I have to rethink the arrangement. In the 1st year I'd prob have my baby sleep in the master with my husband and I but eventually I'll move her to her own space. Do you have a helper, a relative and a newborn and how did you arrange your space? Just looking for some ideas. I have a couple at the moment but open to suggestions: Option 1 - computers in living room - helper + storeroom 1 room - mother + baby things (clothes, changing area etc) in 1 room - baby in master Option 2 - computers in master (frankly i can only fit 1 desktop) - helper + baby things in 1 room - baby in master (on the other side of the room but cannot fit a cot, just maybe a bedside bassinet - mother + storeroom in 1 room Someone mentioned for me to put baby in living room but I'm not sure about that?

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Sound like option 1 is a better arrangement. 1) You get to access to computer anytime. 2) If mom is helping out with baby then is more convenient. Can even leave the cot in her room. 3) Everyone has their privacy. 4) Can consider those bed frame that comes with storage below. Or bunk bed for maid. Baby in living room arrangement is usually for day time care so anyone can just help out. Maybe consider cot with wheels so can push around?

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I have similar arrangement as well, I think it makes sense to have the helper in the same room as storage room as long as the storage is neat and doesn't take much space. During the day when helper doesn't need to use the room much you can make use of it for other purposes too like put baby playground & toys. Once your baby is a bit older they will need more and more space for stuff 😅

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I would go for option 1 :)

I would go for option 1

Option 1 sounds good.

Option 1 is good.

prefer opt 1