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Hi all, My baby is due in Dec and we are currently looking for a helper. I live in a 3 room flat - one master, 2 common where one is where my mother is staying and another as the study and store room. My flat does not have a dedicated storeroom. Initially my mother is okay to share a room with the helper but recently decided she didn't feel comfortable. And she also works by the way. My intention was to have the help + mom in room 1 and baby room with study and store room in the other room. Now I have to rethink the arrangement. In the 1st year I'd prob have my baby sleep in the master with my husband and I but eventually I'll move her to her own space. Do you have a helper, a relative and a newborn and how did you arrange your space? Just looking for some ideas. I have a couple at the moment but open to suggestions: Option 1 - computers in living room - helper + storeroom 1 room - mother + baby things (clothes, changing area etc) in 1 room - baby in master Option 2 - computers in master (frankly i can only fit 1 desktop) - helper + baby things in 1 room - baby in master (on the other side of the room but cannot fit a cot, just maybe a bedside bassinet - mother + storeroom in 1 room Someone mentioned for me to put baby in living room but I'm not sure about that?

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prefer opt 1